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*Headphones not included



That's My Jam was co-authored by two Rad dads, Randy De Jesus & Gabe Bondoc. Randy is a proud father of two little kiddos and prides himself in his dad-joke telling abilities. Gabe is a professional musician, talented songwriter, & inspirational father to two amazing kids.


Book Snippet

John & Joy are best friends that do everything together. Whether it's shooting some hoops or flying kites, they're always having a blast. Until one day, a guitar comes between them and tries to take away their joy... dun dun DUNNNN! 


Backstory Story

Once upon a time, Randy started a clothing company called Radisrad in 2008. In his venture he met some talented musicians, including one gentlemen in particular named Gabe Bondoc. They collaborated on a t-shirt design that featured a cartoon character named Gabe the Giraffe. Fast-forward to 2021, Randy & Gabe are once again collaborating on a new book + music project called That's My Jam. It features a childrens book, rad shirts, and an amazing song by Gabe Bondoc. If you want to be a part of this incredibly long journey that Randy & Gabe have been on, please support this project. Also, as part of Radisrad's mission 10% of sales go to our giving partner CMFI to help build wells & farms in Turkana, Kenya.