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Includes: Book, Kids Tee, & Limited Sticker



Lemon Lesson was co-authored by Randy De Jesus & Jeremy Passion.


Book Theme + Snippet

Inspired by the quote, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Lemon, the main character, is the prime example of someone with a great attitude. Throughout his entire day he encounters several unexpected "bad" situations. However, he doesn't let it impact his attitude. He keeps his cool and remains joyful. He even teaches his secret to his friend Sunny at the end of the book.


Backstory Story

Once upon a time, Randy De Jesus started a clothing company called Radisrad in 2008. In his venture he met some talented musicians, including one gentlemen in particular named Jeremy Passion. They collaborated on a t-shirt design that featured a cartoon character named Passion the Bear. Fast-forward to 2022, Randy & Passion are once again collaborating on a new kids book + song. You can stream this original track, It's All Good on Spotify starting Father's Day (6/19).


Giving Partner

Radisrad's mission is to help provide sustainable resources for those in need. Which is why Radisrad & Jeremy Passion are donating 10% of Lemon Lesson sales to non-profit, CMFI to help build wells & farms in Turkana, Kenya.